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Patience – More Than A Virtue

Leo Tolstoy wrote: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

In a modern world filled with immediate gratification, patience is tough to sell. You can get almost anything you want at the click of button. There seems to be a burgeoning mindset, particularly amongst the younger generations, that challenges need to be overcome immediately and dreams need to be reached now. When realization dawns that success doesn’t happen overnight and certain challenges take time to overcome, negative emotions encroach. I’ve seen countless times people fall into depression, give up, and/or let anger towards themselves and others take over due to lack of patience.


The Present is the Focus
When patience escapes you, focusing on the present is impossible. You are overwhelmed with thoughts of the future and regurgitating the past. The past cannot be changed and the future is not yet written. You have TODAY! Whether you can see the sun outlookshining or hidden behind clouds, you are given this day to breathe another breath. Be thankful for having that moment to look up to the sky or say hello. Be thankful you are able to kiss your children or smile at your significant other. Think of what you can do today! You can submit for another job and write another email asking for an informational interview. Don’t think about whether or not you will get a response. Just open doors that might otherwise stay closed and celebrate the process in doing so. You will also get a stronger grip on what it is you truly want to achieve, what your strengths are, and what weaknesses may need to be addressed.

Compassion Comes Out of Hiding
When you are patient, you are able to introspect and gain greater awareness of your environment and those in it. Negative emotions drip away and empathy comes knocking. Your ears open up to the stories of others and connections are made that you may never have expected. Life is not singular. We go through life surrounded by a community. Having patience leads to awareness of that community and brings about compassion and greater understanding of the world we live in. We learn to care about others’ lives and we open up our hearts to lend a helping hand.

Creativity Sparks
When we have a clear mind and our emotions are in check, we are able to think outside of the box. Problems aren’t sparksolved overnight and patience brings that awareness. We can unleash creativity and find better ways to solve problems or do things. Related to job seeking, patience may afford us time to more deeply reflect on our resume or cover letter. Perhaps we think of better ways to advertise our strengths to employers, like building a portfolio website as an example.

What is Life Without Excitement
Patience gives you the ability to accept challenges. If it weren’t for challenges, life would be dull and our dreams unattainable. It is challenges that give us a spark and grow our strength. Challenges help us walk into the unknown, focusing only on present moments but acknowledging that even darkness always shows the stars. It is sometimes in our darkest moments that patience gives us the sparks of creativity and the building of new human connections.

Patience is a powerful warrior of life. It allows you to live life strongly and passionately, surrounded by community. It gives you the tools for positive thought, calmness of mind, and light bulbs full of ideas. As a job seeker, it will remind you that all good things do come but don’t fret about what is not yet here, rather stake glory in the process of getting there. Enjoy writing those cover letters and learning about new companies. Reach out to people at companies you adore to hear their stories of how they got there and why they love doing what they do. Don’t look upon others at what they have and what you haven’t, rather, uplift them in their time of success or hold their heads in their time of need. Having patience makes us better and hard-working human beings. Patience also brings about a sense of gratitude when a dream is attained and a challenge is overcome.

Who wouldn’t want to hire a powerful warrior.

December 12, 2016