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One of the responsibilities as a Content Marketing Specialist at Samanage was to create and write copy for email marketing campaigns. I used to create the email banners and Hubspot to create the email and any associated landing pages.

Completed Work
Please find PDF’s of all of the emails I created for a particular email marketing campaign in October 2016, as well as current customer newsletters.

Newsletters to Current Customers

November Newsletter 

December Newsletter 

October Email Marketing Campaign

Email #1 – Back to Basics

Email #2 – Say Goodbye to Emails and Spreadsheets

Email #3 – The Woodstock of Cloud Computing

Email #4 – Spark the Conversation with SaaS Vendors

Email #5 – Trial Email

Email #6 – Welcome to 21st Century ITIL

Email #7a – 101 Ways to Automate

Email #7b – 101 Ways to Automate (with different banner)

Email #8 – Newsletter for Leads

Email #9 – Secret Life of IT Assets

Email #10 – Demo Email

December 12, 2016