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I were to imagine being on vacation and trying to determine what to do. I go to the hotel lobby and look through the brochure rack and pick up a brochure about the local zoo. In reading the brochure, I learn what the zoo’s highlights are, including the mission. I am to create a brochure – just like you might pick up in the hotel lobby – featuring the zoo of my choice. It must be a zoo that actually exists so the instructor can compare my work to that of the zoo’s website. It might be one I have visited on a number of occasions or one that you would like to visit.

I am the graphic artist for the brochure and should use technology to develop the brochure that would include the mission of the zoo and other pertinent information that would help customers make the decision to visit. I may determine that the zoo’s mission statement needs revision and it is acceptable to rewrite the mission for the brochure. The overall design and size are my decision. Special consideration should be given to the font size, are the pictures clear, what info do I have in the folds of the brochure, and would I be persuaded to visit if you picked up this brochure when on vacation.

Completed Work
Please find my zoo brochure below.

Zoo Brochure

January 01, 2016